Education opportunities in Letlhakeng

There is provision of public education through the government schools, which are available in Letlhakeng as two Primary Schools and one Junior Secondary School.
Also learn about the schools services, its educational and non educational activities and projects; the Parents & Teachers Association ( PTA) functional aspect interconnecting the school mandate with the community.


Pre Schools


Bomme nkokodi pre-school

Community driven care and learning facility by Bomme Nkokodi Support Group to give opportunities for less privileged children and orphans. Classes 2 ½-4 ½ and 5 years reception class).

Modimo Ward.

Phone: 5943212

beginners english pre-school.jpg

Beginners English medium Pre-school

bee hive_letlhakeng.jpg

Bee Hive pre-school

Letlhakeng Busy bee  english medium.jpeg

Busy Bee English Medium pre-school

Baby care 9mnths-2 ½, Nursery 2 ½-4 yeard, Pre-primary 4 years-6 years

Opening hours: 7am-5 pm mon-fri

Tshosa Ward

Owner: Rosemary S Pedulu, 74191887, , Facebook: Busy Bee English Medium Letlhakeng

summer preschool.jpg

Summerwood pre school.

Primary Schools

Letlhakeng Primary School.JPG

Letlhakeng Primary school

Opening Hours: 0720-1630 mon-fri, Saturday 9-12.

Standard 1-7, Reception classes (since 2014), capacity for 1200 pupils.

Modimo ward

Phone: 5943029


GoTHIBamang Primary School

Gothibamang Primary School is named after chief’s representative Kgosi Gothibamang Mokwathi. It was opened in 1979 with streams/standard 1-4. Children of Mokwele, Thsosa and Shageng wards are pupils of the school. In 2014 the school roll was 649 pupils. The school is situated in the North Western part of Letlhakeng on the left side of Molepolole to Khutse Game Reserve road.

Opening hours: 0730-1630 mon-fri

Mokwele ward

School Head Nyaladzo Kgetse, 5943028 / 95721486 / 75516477
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Junior Secondary School

Mphuthe Junior Secondary Schools

Letlhakeng Mhphute School heads and teachers.jpeg
Letlhakeng Mphuthe.jpeg


Mphuthe JSS opened  its doors to the first batch of students in 1978.By then it was based in the old premises. The school relocated to its presents in July 2008. The name Mphuthe denotes the school's capacity to bring together people of different villages and different walk of lives.

Mphuthe JSS is A Junior Secondary School based in Letlhakeng and covering the greater Letlhakeng Sub-region including students from Letlhakeng , Metsibotlhoko, Serinane, Ditshegwane and Sesung. the school enrollment is 960 students with 68 permanent teachers. Mphthe JSS is a boarding school, housing students from Metsibotlhoko, Serinane, Ditshegwane and Sesung.

I is a 23 stream, comprising of 7 form 1 classes, 7 form 2 classes and 7 form 3 classes. Enrollment ranges from 37-45 students per class. The school has a a functional computer laboratory and connected with a WI-fi. There are also tablets , which students use to carry out their research.

Service description:
Since 2008, 960 pupils, 77 teachers, 28 supportive staff, 23 streams.
Opening hours: 7:30-16:30mon-fri

Moiphisi ward

Contact: P/Bag 002 Letlhakeng, phone: 5943026,

Letlhakeng Mphuthe School head Sechele.jpeg

Letlhakeng Mphuthe School head Sechele

Letlhakeng Mphuthe head of house Kebuseofe.jpeg

Letlhakeng Mphuthe head of house Kebuseofe

Letlhakeng Mphuthe dep school head Kedumetse.jpeg

Letlhakeng Mphuthe dep school head Kedumetse

Letlhakeng Mphuthe computer teacher Tshiamonyana.jpg

Letlhakeng Mphuthe computer teacher Tshiamonyana