Public Services in Letlhakeng

There is provision of public education through the government schools, which are available in Letlhakeng as two Primary Schools and one Junior Secondary School. There is one health facility, a government clinic; the health sector has a pending project for an advanced mini-hospital.

Find more about the clinic, the services it covers and the opening hours. Find out on other initiatives/ campaigns and activities for sensitising the community about health issues.

Also learn about the schools services, its educational and non educational activities and projects; the Parents & Teachers Association ( PTA) functional aspect interconnecting the school mandate with the community.



📞 594 3010

Letlhakeng Public Library is committed to offer access to information and knowledge for empowerment. At Letlhakeng Public Library our vision is to be a world class library and information service provider, contributing to the development of an informed and empowered nation. With a library membership card, you have access to a world of books, a library card is one of the best asserts that you need to have in order to transform your life.

Opening Hours

Weekdays from 0730 to 1800hrs
Weekends from 0900hrs to 1500hrs (Saturday only)


letlhakeng Clinic

📞 59 60 236

This is where the public(citizens) get free health facilities and services. The service is free of charge to the citizens of Botswana.
Available facilities:
<> 24hrs maternity
<> Clinic OPD
<> Screening room
<> Minor theatre
<> Lab
<> Consultation

BAMB Letlhakeng Branch.jpg

The Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB)

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The Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board was established by an Act of Parliament, No.2 of 1974. It is mandated to provide a market for locally grown schedule crops such as cereals, pulses/beans and oilseeds, and to ensure that adequate supplies exist for sale to customers at affordable prices.

Product and Services

<> Agricultural produce
<> Processed foods
<> Agricultural farming inputs
<> Animal feeds
<> Veterinary services
<> Custodian of Government Strategic Grain Reserve

<> Product Development & Market Information
<> Contract farming


Post office


Botswana Post Office offers range of services across the country and outside the country.
services provided by Botswana Post offices are as follows:

<> Postal Boxes(Private Bag and Postal Box)
<> Parcels
<> Packets
<> EMS
<> Money transfer(local and international)
<> Postal orders
<> Registered Envelope
<> Advice of delivery
<> Cash on delivery
<> Demurrage on Parcels
<> International Express delivery
<> International Reply Coupon
<> Customs handling charge
<> Registration of newspaper

Parents & Teachers Association (PTA)

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This committee or association is made up of teachers and residents (parents) of the village. The mandate of the association is to work together to improve education of students and to work together on activities that takes place at the school, activities which are to do with students.

Letlhakeng police

📞 (+267) 594 3222


Letlhakeng Lephepe Constituency

📞 71 72 75 10 (Onkokame Tuelo)

Helping and guiding pople of the area with their problems and refer them to direct or right place.

Tshosa Ward

Opening Hours