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The Kgotla on a traditional basis is a place of occasional society gatherings; regularly men of a particular settlement as authority figures gather at the kgotla daily. for a respective settlement, a village or a clan is led by a Kgosi (customary chief) and he is the one who leads the village through the setting and facilitation of a Kgotla.

The functionality and even the processions of a kgotla is made simple by common subdividing of  a village into mini Kgotlas’ with deputy chiefs who work as subordinates and delegated by the main Kgotla and its leading chief.

The Kgotla is mostly renowned for dealing with customary cases and helping to settle local disputes. Extensively and with the dynamics of a gradual culture, typically here in Botswana, the Kgotla usually liaises with the Village Development Committees (VDC) to services the community with their closely entwined and correlating services of maintaining and edifying a circular and comprehensive society.

Announcements and hosting of  traditional, ritualistic events, commemorations;local and government leadership meetings. It also is usually a mini service point for social work services and that of the VDC.

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